363 Beach Blvd


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
ZONING: "C/S-1435" (Urban Protected Residential) district

PROPOSAL: To permit the replacement of the existing accessory building (shed) located in the rear yard with a new accessory building (shed) in order to establish a home occupation for the existing single-family dwelling, notwithstanding that;

1. The proposed home occupation shall be permitted to be carried on within the accessory building (shed) instead of the requirement that a home occupation shall be carried on entirely within a dwelling unit.

2. A minimum side yard setback of 0.0m shall be permitted instead of the minimum 1.7m side yard setback required.


The applicant shall ensure compliance with all other requirements of Section 2 "Home Occupation" of the Hamilton Zoning By-law 6593, for the proposed home occupation; otherwise, further variances shall be required.
The applicant shall ensure that the accessory building shall not exceed the maximum of 35.0% coverage of the rear yard; otherwise, further variances shall be required.
Please note that no part of the eave/gutter shall encroach onto the adjacent private property. Otherwise, an Encroachment Agreement and a Maintenance Easement shall be required which shall be entered into and registered on title for both the lot upon which the eave is encroaching onto and the subject lot.
See whole application;
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