A Large Plume of Smoke


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
I was leaving Hutch's yesterday around 4:30 pm and was travelling back to the Beach when I notice a large plume of black smoke heading towards our community. I couldn't really see the source so turned and went along Eastport. The problem was though, I didn't have my camera.
I finally got in line with the stack in question and it wasn't one of the steel companies, it was a stack from Bitumar, the is the first time I have seen anything other than white smoke coming out of it.
By the time I got right in front of Bitumar the smoke had change from black to an orange colour, but still no camera.
But it just so happens that someone did get a picture of the tail of the plume going over the Beach.
Anyway, the first shot shows what is left of the large plume of smoke and the second shows the stack, I will have to keep a better eye on it and hope that it was a one time event.

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