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Dec 4, 2006
Tho I don,t live on the beach per sae I live now next to it and drive it (the senic route) many times.
The buiding and changes are not to my liking.

The road is becoming a bumpy mess.
Why tell me Why do the pave the road and then tear it up for servicing, Bad co-ordination . now the drive is bump bump bump.

I miss the quaint houses and happenings of yesteryear.
Boo Hoo.

See you at the yard sale.
I,ll have the little brown box trailer and table at the road side.
come buy my big speakers. and some other things ..all cheap.
Had a small stroke and must get rid of much (for my wifes sake.

Talk to Pete on E-Mail all the time.. He is still fiesty, and the same old I say Old Guy.



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Dec 4, 2006

I was a service person for many years and have many many bits and parts (eg sockets resistore, capacitors, screws knobs shimms and lots .. all at give away prices.
Tubes are pull outs tested $1.00 new in Boxes $5.00 etc. VCR tapes @.050.

Rae 905-632-0344.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
Where are you setting up? I'm on nightshift, but I am planning on having a walk around for a few pictures after I get up.

As for the building, if the developers had their way it would be condos from one end to the other. Everytime a single family home gets built we win a little more. Three major condo projects are on the go right now, hopefully that will be it.
The road hasn't been paved for decades and yes what would be the sense until all the building is done. It would be just another bumpy mess again, so lets save our tax dollars.

I will check for you at the yard sale and say hi to Pete for me.
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