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Feb 8, 2005
I found it particularly interesting because the map and "census" so to speak match up fairly well. Gives you a great view of who was there at the time. It also puts the people in a community light because you see the fishermen, blacksmith, hotel keepers (from one end to the other) points out the squatters banding together to be fairly self sufficient out on no man's land. They weren't thrown out because they provided services on the beach for travelers. The King's Head was gone and accommodations were required. People had to eat so fishermen were necessary. It was gov't land but they needed the people so they squatted and no one threw them out. It was a mutually beneficial partnership.

David O'Reilly

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Dec 15, 2012
12-09-2015, 06:10 PM
“Morris J. Birley is rated $100 but the assessment roll does not say what it is for. I, however, presume that it is for one acre of land he bought during this year from Mr. John Baldry.
John McLean has a fenced in lot, of an acres of land, next to Birley, he is Frederick N. Corey’s Soninlaw. Mrs. Corey bought the lot a few years ago from Zachariah Corey and has since given it to her daughter, Mrs. John McLean.
This lot is not assessed for the year 1874. Thomas Campbell has a house and two acres of land next to McLean – he is rated as owner jointly with Wm. Smith as Householder (smudge) Inn Keeper, $300 on the assessment roll, for the year 1874. Has a stable on open beach.
Col Wm. McGivern – Merchant – has a license for fishing in Station No: 14 – he had a survey made two years ago, by the late Thomas Allen Blythe, Deputy Provincial Land Surveyor, of a portion of the open beach, in connection with his fishery, intending to build a summer residence thereon. The Colonel is not assessed for any property on Burlington Beach for the year 1874.
Then there is David Nealls – he has a fenced in lot of an acre of land with a House – he is not on the assessment roll for the year 1874.
The next lot, still on the Bay side, is owned by John Brown – Hamilton – he bought it several years ago from Frederick N. Corey. Mr. Brown is not assessed for this lot for the year 1874. Nor is he assessed for the lot which he bought from F. N. Corey, situated on the open beach.
Mr. Adam Brown owns a lot next to his brother John – but he does not appear on the assessment roll for it, for the year 1874.
Then James Rols is assessed as Householder for a lot which belongs to Wm F(?) Murray and Major O’Reilly. Rols is rated $150 for the year 1874.
Then comes Mr. S. E. Gregory, occupying an acre of land – this he bought from Mrs. Waddell of Burlington Beach last year. He is not on the assessment roll for the year 1874.
Mr. Alex Turner – Merchant – Hamilton – occupies a lot next to Gregory on which he has built a cottage this year, for a summer residence. Turner is not rated for the year 1874. He bought from Charles Abraham, who bought from Mrs. Waddell this year.
Then Charles Abraham, he has a lot he bought from Mrs. Waddell this year.
Then Thomas C. Kerr Esquire Merchant – owns a lot he is not assessed for it for the year 1874.
A lot on open beach, bay side, claimed by a Mrs. Walshe – not assessed for year 1874.
Messrs. Colonels ? B. Villiers, Brigade Major Hamilton, and Wm Button (?) Inland Revenue Department, Hamilton, and Wm. McCullough, Secretary of the Hamilton Wellington Gray and Bruce Railway – own and occupy three small lots in connection with fishing Station No. 16 of which they are licensees. They will build residences thereon which will be hereafter a credit and ornament to this locality.
Robert Hall and his mother, Anne Sherbanalle have a house and lot, Robert is a fisherman, he has fenced in about one acre of beach land this year and planted the same with trees. Robert is a useful man in this community and is rated Householder $150, on the roll of assessment for the year 1874. His mother is an old resident of Burlington Beach.
Then we have Messrs. Charles Abraham and Norris J. Birley, rated as Freeholders, $800, which is improper. They bought out Mrs. John(joan?) Baldry last year for $1800. She had no legal title there beyond length of possession and the occupancy of the fisheries for several years under an annual license. They occupy the same grounds Mrs. Baldry did, together with fishing Stations Nos: 18 and 19 in Lake Ontario and Nos: 1 and 2 in Burlington Bay, and which comprises the entire frontage of their purchase. For their licenses of the fisheries they pay annually $20. It is wrong however to rate them Freeholders, as the property is still invested in the Crown: as is also all the other property of Burlington Beach with the few exceptions I have pointed and laid down for your information. Mr. George Yale Keeps the House and is doing a flourishing Summer business.
Next in order is Mrs. Dolly Waddell, she occupies a House, Keeps a drinking Saloon “without a license” – is not rated on the assessment roll, for the year 1874.
Then we have the Ferryman’s House – Henry Pross – rated as Householder, $50 on the assessment roll for this year. Henry Pross having left the Ferry – Robert Fletcher now occupies the position of Ferryman, under the Superintendence of Capt. George Thompson, Light House Keeper.
Captain George Thompson, Light House Keeper, occupies a brick dwelling house – he does not appear to be rated this year.
Captain Thompson’s, Fletcher’s, Waddell’s, and Yale’s houses and premises are all situated upon what is known on Burlington Beach as the “Canal Reserve” – as is also the Stone Light House.
Then cross the canal, and Benjamin Isaac(?), a fisherman – is the only resident there, he occupies the fisheries – and pays an annual license fee to the Fishing department – Ottawa. Although rated last year: Benjamin Isaac(?) does not appear to be rated on the assessment roll for the year 1874.
The Government Property of Burlington Beach then continues on still, until it comes to what is known and described as the “Old Outlet” from Burlington Bay to Lake Ontario, which is the dividing line between the townships of Saltfleet and Nelson. The exact position of this outlet can also be determined by the measurements laid down on the present plans of the Fisheries never paid by Benjamin Isaac(?). When measured off by your Surveyors c???ing at the beach the exact place of this outlet can even at this remote day, be again established.
I may here state for your information that in Lake Ontario, from point to point on Burlington Beach the fisheries are fixed and established by law, and in Burlington Bay or Burlington Beach, the same is in operation and is applied to the fisheries there.
In conclusion I have to state for your information that I have given Messrs. Bigger and Brownjohn all the information of the property on Burlington Beach this report to you contains to enable them to make an accurate survey of the beach for you. I have gone over the grounds and pointed out to them, the locations of all the persons concerned, which this report will more fully inform you of.
With all due regard and respect for you, and with this plain statement of facts hoping the same contains all the information which you may require.
I Have the Honor to remain
With Due Respect
Your Obedient Servant
John W. Kerr
F. Keeper
Hamilton District

To Robert Chisholm Esquire.
Chairman of Finance Committee
Corporation of the City of Hamilton.”

I thought that the natural outlet formed the boundary between Wentworth County and Halton County. Was there a change in county boundaries at some point?


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
I thought that the natural outlet formed the boundary between Wentworth County and Halton County. Was there a change in county boundaries at some point?
Burlington was awarded all land north of the canal by the Ontario Municipal Board in May of 1964 and the decision became official in January 1965.


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Feb 15, 2004
The Beach Strip
This map was sent in by member David and what is interesting is that there is a power house listed at the south end of the Beach but the ones near Brant's Pond or on Guies St in Hamilton are not listed. This map is actually much bigger and I have only copied a small section of it.
Thanks to the Toronto Public Library.


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