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  1. scotto

    Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about

    The restoration is finally under way. Pictures from the last couple of week showing the structure being enclosed to have the mortar upgraded.
  2. scotto

    Path Pictures

    Another sunset over the Skyway Near the Kinsman Park. The sandboni near the Dynes condos.
  3. scotto

    Happy Birthday

    Happy big 80th Jake T.
  4. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    A resident near Rembe Ave sent these photos in to me yesterday that were that on August 4th, his truck was clearly also covered in a white substance that looked like salt. The piles on Eastport have been cover up since the end of July but we keep getting impacted. Well past time to have these...
  5. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Forward to August 1st, I noticed a white salt looking substance on my vehicle a few time over the last week. But on this day it was worst and checking the other streets, both sides of my street were hit, Lagoon, Clare and Granville all had some impact.
  6. scotto

    174 Beach Blvd

    This picture was taken during the last Federal Election from Google Earth. Forum Photo from 2010. Halloween 2018 At the beginning of July it was lifted off it's foundation and jack up for more construction.
  7. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another ship load came in last Sunday (July 10th), I checked the pile over the last few days and it was left uncovered until today when a white tarp was finally installed, that would would be almost three days with moderate winds. This picture was taken yesterday (July 12th), a tarp is blowing...
  8. scotto

    Tugs, Workboats and more......

    A new name coming through the piers, the tug Burch Nash. I will check for updates but this vessel shows up on the AIS as the Lac Manitoba.
  9. scotto

    July 2022 Beach Banner

    Attached is the July 2022 Beach Banner , thanks to the Editor Lorraine Hughes.
  10. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    More ship loads coming, last night a vessel came in and unloaded overnight. The pile was promptly covered starting at 8am and there weren't enough winds to impact our community. However, this is just another massive salt pile that has to be slowly loaded into trucks when the weather gets colder...
  11. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Ship are starting to return with more loads of salt to unload. On June 7th and ship came and unloaded over night and the pile was covered up the next morning. However, I noticed a very light dusting on my vehicle when leaving for the day (June 8th), the other side street were not as lucky. A...
  12. scotto

    Looking for Bell Cairn Class Photos

    This sent in, Bell Cairn 1943
  13. scotto

    May 2022 Beach Banner

    Attached is the May 2022 beach Banner, many thanks to resident Lorraine Hughes.
  14. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    The same large pile has been open since February 19th with many days that had winds out of the west, also many days with a white substance on my vehicle and property. I was told that this pile is a working pile meaning that it is used to load trucks for delivery, I have never seen any product...
  15. scotto

    More Beach Wildlife

    It's been a while since we had some additions; There is a fox den near the Lift Bridge, last year there were many pups running around; Another sent in by member Maggie;
  16. scotto

    April 2022 Beach Banner

    Attached is the April 2022 Beach Banner. The new Editor is resident Lorraine Hughes.
  17. scotto

    Peregrine Falcons

    I have not heard anything yet about the falcons, there is a pair in nesting box so there will likely be some new ones on the way. There seems to be more photography people around lately watching them as in past years.
  18. scotto

    954 Beach Blvd

    It was rental for decades as I knew many of the tenants, don't recall a Tracey though. Most rentals I see down here don't seem to get needed upgrades, so only fix what is absolutely needed and all else gets put off. Please lets us know if you find any history, good luck.
  19. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another weekend with blustery winds and the piles are still open. The smaller working pile was covered somewhat but the large piles was wide open and looking like it is collapsing. These were taken on March 12th; The smaller pile is open behind the rail car. Another of my vehicle covered...
  20. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another wind storm (100km+) coming for March 6th and the same two piles have been open since February 19th, I seen a covering of my vehicle of what looked like salt after winds started and checked Eastport. The Skyway was closed in both directions as a tractor trailer rolled over due to the high...
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