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    Hamilton Shoreline Infill Map

    Here is an interesting map I came across today.... It shows the Hamilton shoreline in1900, with an overlay of it in 2000, and highlights of where the old inlets were. I'm thinking it would've looked...
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    Washer and Dryer for Sale

    Maytag dryer in great shape Kenmore washer is almost new / barely used $200.00 Will deliver localy on the beach. Call Rick 905-393-8844
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    Roof Repairs

    Anyone know of any roof repair guys that can fix the flashing around my chimney. It appears that some critters have been trying to take up residence in the attic for the winter and have pulled it back.
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    1947/48 Houses Moved?

    Does anyone know about a series houses or businesses that were moved from a part of the beach strip, in or around 1948? I"ve been able to trace my house back and found it was moved to it's present location in 1948.....and that's as far as I could get. After doing some renovations, I found the...
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