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  1. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    From the Spec's letters to the editor section, a good opinion piece from Matt Francis;
  2. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    I received of complaints from residents yesterday who seen the salt piles wide open during high winds. Checked my vehicle and it had a light dusting of what looked like salt. I traveled over to Eastport and one large pile was uncovered and another looked to be open as well, the front section of...
  3. scotto

    Happy Birthday

    From the 100's, Happy 80th Bill.
  4. scotto

    Happy New Year!

    Hi Mike; Good to hear from you again, have a great New Year.
  5. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    I stopped by our local pub today and the car I parked behind was very similar to mine, it was completely covered with a white blotchy substance that looked to be salt. I asked the owner of the vehicle where they lived and they replied Arden Ave, so this latest impact was more widespread then I...
  6. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    After yesterdays storm and high winds, vehicles on my street were covered white material that resembles salt. The high winds were announced on the media so everyone, including the Port, knew that the winds were coming and left two piles of salt open. Other streets were hit as well but not as...
  7. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    I called the MOE this week as my vehicle had a light dusting on it which looked like salt. Checking the piles on Eastport I notice one was open and it looked like this pile was being used to load trucks for delivery, this pile would be located directly behind my property. Another pile further...
  8. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    There have been some minor occurrences since our last impact back on October 19th and have been reported to the MOE, I am still waiting for some samples to come back from being tested. On November 24th the area around the Texaco condos was hit pretty hard after some moderate winds out the south...
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    Path Pictures

    Chopper on the pier searching for a missing boat owner. From the Lift Bridge;
  10. scotto

    Oct. 30, 1958: Burlington Bay Skyway completed

    A great paint job on a building at Barton and Lottridge in Hamilton.
  11. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Another light dusting again today, came out around noon to see my vehicle was covered with a white material. MOE informed. Checking Eastport, there was a ship discharging what I believe to be gypsum. First two show the dusting of my vehicle; Ship unloading on Eastport, directly behind my house.
  12. scotto

    Painter wanted

    Check if Ed is busy, he does good work. (905) 516-3569
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    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    Had my car washed on Thursday 21st due to impacts from the past days even though there was two days of constant rain coming. Checking my car this morning (24th) there was a white blotchy substance all over it. Once again on October 2nd, I came out to an unknown substance all over my vehicle...
  14. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    I borrowed my co-workers vehicle on Friday (17th) night and took it back to work on Saturday (18th) morning. Inspecting his vehicle when arriving, I notice it was covered with a white substance. The first picture is from his vehicle. After leaving work on Saturday I checked my car which was also...
  15. scotto

    Salt Storm(starting) 2012

    My wife spent all weekend (September 4th & 5th) doing a cleaning of the windows, patio furniture and our car. Sunday (5th) afternoon I noticed light dusting on our car and patio table, then it just got worst. The car, house windows and patio table were spotless. Checking Eastport there was a...
  16. scotto

    Path Pictures

    Opening day brochure from 2003.
  17. scotto

    The History of Bell Cairn School

  18. scotto

    Housing Development - 422-440 BEACH

    I see there is some renewed interest in the history of this property, adding one picture of the Henderson family who owners of the Texaco station circa 1940. More info here;
  19. scotto

    More Ships

    Captain Henry Jackman
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