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    Plan 2014 (High Lake Levels)

    And this is how it looked today :)
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    Grafitti on the beach trail

    I brought it to attention of our councilor Chad Collins, and he had the city to organize the cleanup. I looked today, and all the red graffiti is now gone. I am very happy about that. There is still some black graffiti left at the Locarno entrance, but the trail looks much better now.
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    Grafitti on the beach trail

    Hey, Just before May 24 I noticed there is quite a bit of graffiti on the beach trail (not the nice kind either, just tags and random vandalism like spraying over garbage bins and information boards). I have never seen that here before. Seems it just couple random guys though (same red/black...
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    Many dead long-tailed ducks on the beach-front

    I was walking yesterday, and I noticed many dead long-tailed ducks scattering the area between path and the lake. I have probably seen like a dozen or more, and I was not really looking for them. Do you know why this happened? Is that like a natural occurrence, due to bird migration or quality...
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    Beach Canal Lighthouse Group Website

    Nothing major, as far as I can say. Here is the description from the meeting from the email newsletter. Since newsletters are usually public, I would assume, nobody minds me reposting it here: Happy BCLG/school/unofficial "New" Year! 1) Please join us tomorrow night Wednesday, September 9, 7...
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    Beach Canal Lighthouse Group Website

    If you are interested, Beach Canal Lighthouse Group actually has a website: I was able to connect with some members through it, and join a meeting.
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    Tree Cutting between Trail and Lake

    I noticed that last few days they have been cutting trees between trail and lake (where power lines are). I talked to one of the guys in Hydro One truck today, and they said that it is basically because of the power lines. It is quite sad, as they cleared, a lot of trees - some of them old and...
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    Birds or Bats?

    I go sometimes in the evening for a jog or a walk on the beach trail. When it gets dark, I can sometime see (there were lots of them today) some bird shapes flying around. It is too dark to identify them, but they fly in quite erratic manner, often in the circles, and with sudden changes of...
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    Al Capone House

    I heard from a friend, that Al Capone used to have a cottage at the Beach Strip. Is that true, or is that just an urban legend. Does anybody know? Thanks, Sebastian
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    Construction in Confederation Park

    Hi there, I noticed there is some construction going in Confederation Park. Does anybody knows what is going on there? I noticed that old path by the little pond on the edge of the old camping area is getting paved, but it also seems like a new road is going in nearby, and there are some metal...
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    Lift Bridge Schedule

    Sorry, if this has been asked before - it's probably common knowledge for most of the people here. Does Lift bridge operate on any specific schedule? I was always wondering whenever I got stuck waiting for it to go up. I tried to google it, but I could not find any specific information...
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    Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit - Need for volunteers?

    I just wanted check on this forum, as I assume many posters are members of HBRU. I stopped by the ham roll last week, it seemed pretty cool. Do you know if these guys need any volunteer help, and if they do, with what? It seems really cool, what they are doing. Thanks, Sebastian
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    Access to the beach trail

    Hi there, We are building a new house on the bay side close to the convenience store. There always seemed to be passage by the convenience store to the beach trail, which seemed pretty handy as there is no another access nearby. I thought initially that it is a public access to the trail (it...
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    GAS BALL: Will Hamilton vanish from the face of the Earth?

    Nice photo, looks much bigger up close. I think it says right there in the article what they do with methane: "But McKinnon noted the globe already helps the city make money - $1.1 million a year - thanks to a pair of award-winning, high-tech projects that turn methane into electricity and...
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    Cellphone Reception

    Hi there, I've been living in the area for six months now, I could not help but notice that my cellphone reception (I am with Fido) is pretty bad. Not a very big deal, but still I was wondering, is it all the networks that are fairly weak in the area - or there are some providers that work...
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