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    Moving Content Sale June 8th

    HOUSE CONTENT SALE 1071 BEACH BLVD, HAMILTON, ON Sunday June 8th, 8am -4pm, Everything must go!!!! Sofas, chairs, beds, dishes, linens, Pictures, tools, electronics, computers, Printer, books, garden, & much more, Desk, patio chairs,
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    More Beach Wildlife

    Not sure if this is the same one, but I had a owl on the roof a few months back, just as the ground was thawing, I had to look a few times, it was a horned owl, As for the ground hog, I have seen them across the street in the soccer field. Not to often you can get to little brown critters in...
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    2013 Garage sale date?

    Will the annual beach blvd garage sale take place again this year? If so what are the dates> It seems to be the 2nd Sat and that looks like the July 8th, Can anyone confirm? Thanks
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    Burlington Beach June 9th

    This will be the weekend for the return of the CWA (canadian Watercraft Asco) 1st watercraft race in Ontario, two more later on in Sarnia & Windsor. Starts around 10am race ski's will be there by 7am. There will most likely be over a 100 skis racing :canada:
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    New Park Names

    It is very nice that the new Park and the end of Beach Blvd was named after a "Good Man" I am happy to say I live across the street from the Jimmy Lomax park. :tbu:
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    Burlington Beach Aug 27th

    Just a heads up, there will be a large jetski race held on the burlington beach. Over 50 participants registered. It is a point race for those going to the world championships in Arizona.
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    Female Tabby

    Anyone missing a young female Tabby kitten, about 6 mnth I'm guessing, she is down by the town houses near lift bridge. Friendly little kitten.
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    Pathway Speeding

    So how many residents have some concerns on speeds of cyclist, and or roller bladers? I just talked to a friend who rollers blades down here and she was hit by a cyclist a few weeks ago. She was okay, but the speeding cyclist went to hospital. Lucky for him she is a firefighter and was able to...
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    Missing Kitten

    We are missing a little black on top white on bottom long hair female cat. 1yr old cat but she is tiny She has a red collar on and is declawed in the front paws only. Her name is Saki. Last seen at the end of the blvd by the monument part. Please PM if you see her. Thanks
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone:celebrate Hope everyone had a nice Monday off and did not eat to much.
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    Burlington Sound of Music

    This weekend is the Sound of Music June 18th to June 22 Some great artist line up this year. Scott get the bridge up I'm going by Best parking spot over there. :rock:
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    Dual Sport Plus

    Hello All there is a new Motorcylce parts and accessories shop opening in area Dual Sport Plus 221 Barton St Stoney Creek On 905-664 8811 phone 905-6648817 fax open Tues thru Friday 10am to 7pm Sat 9am to 2pm CLOSED Sunday & Monday The...
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    XP Antivirus 2008

    Has any one had this pop up on their screen? I can't seem to get rid of it:crash:
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    Ground Hog Day

    Any one have any thoughts on the out come? I know this is not a joke but well it could be if we get 6 more weeks of this cold.:canada:
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    Any one know?

    Why are the two lakers are anchored out in the lake? :wazzup:
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