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    I hope everyone is trying to stay safe with this nasty virus going around.
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    Coke Ovens

    This will sure effect their business. They need to change things.
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    Glass Pictures

    Posted with permission from the Hamilton Spectator ______________________________________________________________ Paul Wilson: Library gets a gift — historic jackpot of Hamilton memories on glass A long time ago, Albert Cummer took photographs a different way. And his pictures that capture the...
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    Movie Location Wanted

    Did anyone get this in their mailbox recently? I got this the other day in mine.
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    Falcons of 2017

    It looks like no chicks downtown this year. Another bad year. The 2 chicks at the lift bridge nest were one female named Ann and the male was named Bronte.
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    Tall Ships Coming Soon

    Tall Ships! Hamilton Canada 150 Family | Community | Attractions DATE & TIME Start Date: Friday, 30 June 2017 End Date: Friday, 30 June 2017 Time: 12:00 PM This event is repeating. View All Dates LOCATION & ADMISSION Pier 8 47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton ON, L8L 8K4 Information...
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    I've Been Busy

    I apologize for neglecting the site. I've been busy building my family tree. What an interesting tree this has become with a lot of surprises. I since found out I am related to Stephen Harper, George Bush, Sally Field, Christopher Reeve, Clint Eastwood, Gov. of Martha's Vineyard, Gov. of...
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    This Is Interesting

    I have been busy building my family tree and found this info on a distant relative.
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    New Rules For Tews Falls And Webster's Falls

    It’s going to cost people more money to visit some of Hamilton’s picturesque conservation areas. Anyone looking to visit Webster Falls and Spencer Gorge will now be required to pay a $5 admission fee per person and $10 parking fee, and membership passes will not be valid on weekends and...
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    Picture From FB For the Construction of the Skyway Bridge
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    Deer Ticks Found In Dundas

    I wouldn't doubt it's just a matter of time before they spread out into the whole city. Here are the differences with dog ticks and deer ticks. Dog ticks are not carriers of lyme disease, only the deer ticks are.
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    Filming On Burlington Street

    NOTIFICATION OF FILMING BURLINGTON STREET EAST ROAD CLOSURE April 14, 2016 Dear Businesses located in the vicinity of Burlington Street E - Strathearne Ave and Parkdale Ave: Paramount Pictures and Maple Cage Productions Inc. is currently filming the feature film xXx 3-The Return of Xander Cage...
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    Jack McFarland Passes Away
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    Maritime History Of The Great Lakes

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, if so just delete it.
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    Interesting Link On Hamilton

    Interesting link on Hamilton for many issues including cost of living.
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    New Groaner For Porky

    A new groaner for you Porky.
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    Interesting Video On Sand Art

    Is this lady ever good. It's a video where you need to watch it more then once. One just to watch her talent. And maybe a few times to follow the story that she does. It's about happenings that happened in WW2. The building that she draws at the beginning is the gas chamber. I got the meaning of...
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    Sped Up Ship Going Through The Welland Canal
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    Scourge Commemoration on Sunday

    Posted with permission from the Hamilton Spectator _______________________________________ By Gord Bowes Hamilton Spectator The City of Hamilton will commemorate the sinking of two United States Navy schooners in Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 at a public ceremony Sunday, 11 a.m. at the...
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