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    Yes I have an electric lawn mower

    The price is modest Or cheap or maybe you have a couple of good hugs. and you have to supply your own electricity. Rae 905-632-0344 Northshore and Francis Rd. near Indian Point.
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    Beach yard sale

    What is the date of the world famous Street sale. I forguessing Rae
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    Gosh Fella

    WELL That was slow. Almost as slow as I am getting to be. Just waiting for APRIL and I have been waiting since Sept. Soon be able to attack the work on my Argosy Trailer. and the yard . It may seem early but melting snow is always a good thing ....If you don't have a flood. The community...
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    Be sure you have a firewall on or you will soon be formatting your hard drive. OL' Mr smarty here always had his turned off, and sure and be jaysos he did get a back door one. It would not let me stay on the computer without dumping me. I paid dollars to several programmes and they did not work...
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    This Summer

    The only thing good about this summer is NO SNOW and I don't have to wash my car with all this ......R A I N....OH! well it will soon be January. The effects of my stroke is slowly getting better, but not as I would choose. Have to pay someone to do the little chores I liked to do. Oh to be...
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    Don't Like

    Tho I don,t live on the beach per sae I live now next to it and drive it (the senic route) many times. The buiding and changes are not to my liking. The road is becoming a bumpy mess. Why tell me Why do the pave the road and then tear it up for servicing, Bad co-ordination . now the drive is...
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    Beach Yard sale

    Hi Scott Have some stuff I would like to peddle at the street sale. Give me the date please. I have some one hundred dollar bills I want to sell for fufty cents each, If I can interest some people Hi Hi. Hope yor all well., I had an Tramsient Ischemic attack ( small stroke,) I do not like it...
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    OH Hum

    I sat in my chair and watched the multitude pass by my place here on the Northshore and remember when I to could run, or was it that I had the runs. I saw back then people who could not and felt sorry for them , but knew nothing of their plight. WELL! the time has come around. With Pulminary...
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    Winter Bah

    This is the first winter in 22 years that we are spending here in Canada. We are not rich but did buy a cheap little piece of property in the Keys. 75 X 35 with a dock and a broken down cememnt building. Paid $30K for it and for the next 5 years we spent the winters fixing the pleace up. With...
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    Of Course

    A fellow decided to join a nudist colony, and one day received a letter from his Grandmother. She wanted a recent picture of him. He had only one of him in the buff,so he cut the pictire in half and sent her a half. By mistake he had sent the lower instead of the upper half. The Grand mother...
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    I've got Crabs

    We have had a strange thing happen down here in Florida. It is packing for going home time Apr 14th. and as we were sitting and watching the evening TV news noises keep coming from places in the building, But Ah, nothing to be seen. WELL last night at 9:30 I looked down and there at my feet was...
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    Nearly time

    Been watching the QE road cameras at #2, and I see that the snow is dissappearing quickly. The temps are up and in 4 weeks we will leave Key West for home. The strawberries are on the market here and my ALOE is in bloom thats the indicator. This darn computer is having fits and I suspect the...
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    Winter EH!

    Well winter is half gone and good ridness, The snow will soon begin to slowly dissappear. A I will shortly be heading back to the burlington/Hamilton area. I watch the highway cameras everyday and am keeping a tab on you there on the beach. This winter here in Key West has been the wettest in...
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    Not as good as you think. EH!

    I may be sitting here in Key West but it is not the paradise that you may think. We have been plagued by 5 weekks of Ontario Grey and six days of rain. With a few sunny days and Hi humidity and closed in spaces it is not all fun. Mind you I do appreciate the lack of the white stuff, but then...
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